Autumn leaves us reborn

October 7, 2018

There is never a more potent message in the air, than the message the earth gifts to us in the transformational season of Autumn. As the nights draw in, the fallen leaves chase us down the street in their warm shades of orange and brown - rustling and hissing at our feet “now is the time to let go.” It is time to let go of the warm days and the long summer nights and prepare for the winter ahead.



As if almost overnight, our whole natural surroundings change. The earth makes no fuss, it just let’s go and moves forward into the next phase of the cycle. Boldly and without explanation. It is not that it never cared for the summer, and for the flowers in bloom, just that it was time to experience something new. It’s like the famous saying goes; “everything’s end is somethings beginning” and being open to this encourages good energy to flow and positive experiences to manifest. We are, in ourselves, a mini universe engulfed within and in awe of the larger model. What happens outside of us affects us on the inside, physically and emotionally. Paying attention to the cycles of nature and the teachings that the earth provides can help us to feel grounded and nourished not just in Autumn, but all year round.


Autumn is a time to shed the layers with the leaves, to release unwanted thoughts and patterns, people and routines. During the full moons of Autumn it is good practice to create yourself a ritual. This ritual should pay respect to your inner self, to the yin beneath the yang. These moons must represent a time of deep self reflection, allowing you to release and let go of what no longer serves you on this energetic plane. It could be a past situation, an old hurt or guilty feeling that regurgitates on you daily. It could be the way in which you react to certain stimuli, a deeply rooted phobia or oppressive ideology. Or, outside of yourself, it could be a person or a particular group of people - that no longer embrace you as you are, or that weigh heavy on your heart.

Create your ritual of self love on the nights of the full moon, to release the energies which bind you. Then set your intentions on the mornings of the new moon, to bring what you seek into existence. Allow space for the magic to happen, through the power of letting go.



Autumn brings with it an air of clarity, and a deep feeling of knowingness. We have walked through the fire of summer, and find ourselves now held by the crisp energy of autumn. The lungs inspire and take in the cooling fresh air, and our eyes awaken as we look up at the crystal blue skies. The orange hues rustle on the peripherals - resonating with the energies of the svadhisthana, the chakra of emotion and movement. Honouring this orange energy centre and practicing yoga poses which charge this area will nourish your emotional body, giving you the power to evolve spiritually.


Slow, grounding flow yoga will feel empowering at this time, as it creates strength in the body and mind. The combination of movement with the breath encourages space and freedom. You can inhale cow pose and exhale cat pose, really working the sacral chakra. You can inhale new beginnings and exhale that which no longer serves you. If you are more into the meditative side of yoga and love to find stillness in your practice then spend some time in Sphinx pose. Take your time coming into it. Keep some strength in the arms or bring a bolster under your rib cage to support you. Breathe deeply, envisioning the colour orange and allow your emotions to stir. Whatever comes up, whether it’s old news or not, sit with it for while. See how it makes you feel. If it disempowers you then start to disconnect yourself from the thought and allow yourself to simply let it go, whilst maintaining deep healing breaths. If it lifts your spirits then ride its wave, inhaling it deeply into your being.

There is never a better time to stand strong and to let go of the old, than when the earth around you is doing the same. Support those around you by being the best version of yourself. Honour the space within you and the space you facilitate around you. You are more powerful than you know. Now is the time to shed the leaves, and rise from the ashes. Allow autumn to leave you reborn.

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