Full Moon in Taurus

October 12, 2018

We have some serious cosmic energy en route this month. The 24th October sees the first stand-off between the sun and the moon of this Autumnal season. In just under two weeks, we all get to experience the ripple effect of Uranus, the planet of great awakenings and renewal aligning with the grounding energy of Taurus for a super charged full moon.


The fullness of the moon, and the zodiac sign it aligns with sets an atmospheric mood and tone. If you are not prepared, the full moon can catch you off guard and cause all kinds of emotional drama. So let us prepare together, and pay our respects to Uranus, the planet creating big waves right now.



Uranus moves pretty slowly in comparison to some of the big boy planets in the universe. Lets put this into perspective - the moon changes zodiac sign every two days or so, and when it does, it can cause a subtle shift in our emotional energies. Uranus has just taken seven years to change sign - so you can image the energetic treasure it has in store for us all!  For its previous cycle, Uranus dwelled in the realm of Aries, a go-getting, renegade fire sign. This potent combination had us all on a relentless mission to connect to our own power and identity. 


Now Uranus resides with the energy of Taurus, a stable earth sign which is reluctant to change. But lucky for us, Uranus has a relentlessly progressive energy, which longs for change and revolution, so prepare for the stability and traditions in your life to be challenged. This is going to be a cosmic wake up call, which will have you questioning all that you have built in the name of comfort, and see you finally letting go, and moving bravely into the unknown.


Evaluate the mind-sets which hinder and which compliment your true desires. Take the time to imagine - what if striving for your dreams provided more stability than fear? Would you reach out for them? If security was no longer an issue, would you be doing what you are doing?Uranus is here to create waves, to help you get your head, literally, out of your anus. Spend time during this transient phase, writing down some of your deep rooted beliefs and traditional behaviours, to gain insight into how you perceive yourself, your life and your future. Then write down what your soul longs for, regardless of current circumstances. 



With everything up for review, you may feel uncertainty within your relationships and your routines. You may experience impulsive thoughts and the need to take risks, so stay connected to the grounding energy of Taurus to counterbalance any rash uranus-fuelled decisions.


During the evening of the full moon, spend some time in self-reflection - a ritual of sorts:


Begin by creating a sacred space for you to sit and connect to your magic. You will need some supplies; these include a pen and paper (a journal is perfect if you have one), some candles to create a peaceful atmosphere, and a sage stick to cleanse with. Light the candles in a semi circle around you, then sit comfortably in easy pose or a kneeling posture and take some deep breaths. Allow yourself to feel connected and check in with how you are feeling and anything that comes to mind, write it down to set the tone of what is to follow


Take the pen and place the paper in front of you and draw a line straight down the middle. On the left side write down your deep rooted traditions and ideas about yourself and your life, and on the right side write down your innermost dreams and desires. The left side may include the way you think others see you, the way you see yourself, your role in society or any long-term habits or behavioural patterns. Take some time to really focus on your attachment to these things. Go through them individually, appreciate them in their entirety and then allow yourself to feel how you would feel without each one. Sometimes we hold onto something for so long, we believe it defines us. Allow the potency of this full moon, to help you to release outgrown ideas.


Now focus on the right side, and express your dreams, ambitions and goals. These may be things which are half repressed and represent you on full charge acting with freedom and power. Use this time to think about what you want, although you probably already know! Delve deep into your soul and visualise it clearly, as though each desire was imbedded within your life.


Now take a look at both sides and evaluate. Allow yourself to see what can be changed and to confirm what you know in your heart, that you wish to stay the same. Know that you are in control of your life, and where there is a will there is definitely always a way. Change can be difficult but it is not impossible. This is how we learn and grow and discover new dimensions within us that we never previously knew existed. We need to cultivate our dreams, and push forward regardless of the circumstances that bind us. 


Use this insight and the power of the full moon to rewrite history and reprogram your future. Write a short sentence, confirming exactly what you are and want from life and keep it strong and positive. This is your new mantra. Take the sage stick and light it, moving the smoke slowly around your body, cleansing your aura and the space around you. Repeat your new mantra three times.



Following this reflective practice lie down in your sacred space, allow the weight of your body to be balanced equally on both sides. Deepen your breath and allow your back to expand into the ground as you inhale, and as you exhale let go of it all! Allow your thoughts to pass through your mind, like planets and stars in the sky. You have connected to your inner world, you have felt the temporary loss of the traditional thoughts which bind your human experience, and then you have felt the presence of your dreams and desires. Then you have let it all go.


Enjoy this space and the freedom of non-attachment. The energy is out there now, your dreams are roaming free in the cosmos, plotting mystical ways to manifest back into your life. Remember that sometimes letting go can take only a second, where as holding on will consume your life. As the cosmos changes scenery, so will you. Watch this space, the best it yet to come!




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